Booking Enduro Ride Kintamani Blacklava

The best time to ride in Kintamani is during the wet season, from December to May. During this time you will be able to ride on a clear track without dust and with good traction. Some bits of the track may be slippery due to the rain, which will delight the experienced riders.

Thanks to its altitude of 1000 meters to 2500 meters the temperature is very pleasant and you will not suffer from extremely hot weather, Kintamani is one of the best areas for enduro riding, from deep forest to wide-open tracks this area will satisfy even the most demanding riders. The surroundings of Batur Lake offer spectacular views and you will go through various altitudes along the tracks. On the tour, you will also have the chance to try something unique and ride on a volcano with a vast area of sand dunes capturing moon-like landscapes, experience the thrills of riding in the ring of fire or jump over the dunes to take back memorable highlights.

Kintamani Blacklava & Forest